Holy Crap, Titans Is Giving Us Our First Live-Action Donna Troy

Holy Crap, Titans Is Giving Us Our First Live-Action Donna Troy

As DC Universe’s Titans has unfolded during its first season, what began as a small cast of high-profile heroes has grown to include a surprisingly large number of characters from DC’s canon who are making their first live-action appearances. The latest member to join the show’s ranks is one Donna Troy.

In the upcoming episode “Donna Troy,” actress Conor Leslie is set to make her debut as the titular heroine who, in DC’s comics, is Wonder Woman’s sister and a founding member of the Teen Titans. Here’s our first look at her.

Conor Leslie as Donna Troy. (Photo: DC Universe)

Titans has played fast and loose with its interpretation of the comics that inspired it, but considering that the show has already established the presence of magic and introduced Batman as an actively working hero, it isn’t out of the question that this Donna Troy might also be a Themyscrian warrior blending in with humanity.

Conor Leslie briefly appears in a photograph (presumably as Donna) alongside Robin, Hawk, and Dove in the season’s second episode. It’s also interesting to note that Titans first referenced Donna much earlier in the season, in a scene where Dick Grayson scrolls through his phone looking for a number—and many of his contacts are other heroes he’s known to have worked with.

It stands to reason that any one of them might show up somewhere down the line after “Donna Troy” airs on November 30 in the U.S.

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