Cards Against Humanity’s ‘99% Off’ Black Friday Sale Is Both Real And Insane

Cards Against Humanity’s ‘99% Off’ Black Friday Sale Is Both Real And Insane
Image: Cards Against Humanity

Leave it to the folks at Cards Against Humanity to run the ultimate in Black Friday deals. 99 per cent off is about as good as you can go before hitting the big — and completely unprofitable — 100. But rather than flogging the card game, CAH is offering a new, insane product every ten minutes, from signed pictures of US presidents to 2.45m-tall statues of the Egyptian god Anubis.

Update — 1:30pm AEDT: And the sale is over. It was hilarious while it lasted.

Don’t believe me? Well, here you go.

When I first visited the site, a pirate jumping castle was about to go live. However, there’s a bit more to it than just hitting “Buy now” once the button appears. You’ll be asked a question to prove you’re not a robot.

Image: Cards Against Humanity

This is what I got after answering.

Image: Cards Against Humanity

A quick check of the FAQ reveals the items are only available to US residents. Which is a bit shit, but there you have it.

Right now you’re probably thinking it’s all a joke. It’s not:

Is this real?
Yes. All of these products are actually available for 99% off, and if you purchase something we will actually ship it to you.

But the deals seem too good to be true!
We’ve chosen to make them true. That’s the miracle of Black Friday.

Can the global financial system handle these deals?
Most economic indicators suggest “no.”

Surely you must be losing a lot of money on this promotion.
Oh dear yes. This is a financial catastrophe for our company.

Some of the more ridiculous items include “Bill Pullman’s Actual Flight Suit from Independence Day”, “Dan Aykroyd’s Cone Head from the Movie “Coneheads” and the “Poncho Toilet”. You can see a partial list of previous sales on the website.

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