Australia Has Spoken

Australia Has Spoken

Earlier today NBN Co released its progress summary for the first quarter of FY2019… right when the above image was doing the rounds on the internet. How’s that for timing?

What we’re looking at here is an NBN cabinet that has been graffitied with some extremely relatable content.

It’s unclear where the photo originated from or the location of the graffiti itself. Doing a reverse image search on Google brings up the Facebook group Where Is My NBN? Redlands, but the poster says they found it on another group called Crappy NBN.

Of course, it’s also now on Reddit.

To leave NBN feedback fill in the box from australia

One Facebook user from Victoria has claimed that they took the photo, but there’s no proof to substantiate the claim.

To be fair, FTTN and FTTC are perfectly fine for some people. For others… not so much. Then there are those of us who wouldn’t even know – the figurative NBN carrot has been dangling before our eyes for so long that we laugh bitterly (but are unsurprised) every time the installation date gets pushed back by another six months.

Here’s me yelling at some cables about it just last week.

So while we don’t encourage graffiti here at Gizmodo, we sure do understand the frustration behind this IRL hot take.

NBN Needs Extra $2 Billion To Complete Rollout

Earlier today NBN Co Released its Corporate Plan 2019-2022, which revealed that the overall cost of the NBN is expected to rise to $51 billion. That is an increase of $2 billion that the company is blaming on the 2017 HFC pause and deferred revenues, as well as the introduction of wholesale pricing bundle discounts and increased investment in its fixed wireless network.

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