Amaysim Just Launched An ‘Unlimited’ 60GB Phone Plan

Amaysim Just Launched An ‘Unlimited’ 60GB Phone Plan
Image: Huawei

Today Amaysim released a new phone plan that offers customers 60GB of data a month for $60. The word ‘unlimited’ is being attached to it and several other Amaysim plans, but it’s not in reference to the data. Here’s what you need to know.

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The ‘unlimited’ parts of this plan refers to the national calls and texts, as well as international calls to 10 countries. The new $60 plan also offers an additional 300 minutes of standard calls to 22 additional countries. It also comes with no lock-in contract and the data lasts for 28 days.

Image: Amaysim website

So between the data and international call limitations the name ‘Unlimited 60GB’ should to be taken with a grain of salt. It’s always worth paying close attention to what the “unlimited” element of phone plans are from any service provider.

When it comes to the $60 plan, there are definitely better ones out there that are cheaper and offer more data:

That being said, all of the cheaper options require a lock-in contract, which Amaysim doesn’t. When you compare similar plans its really the only one doing that much data around that price point. The higher priced plans involve a significant data inclusion jump.

So if you need a heap of data each month, already have a phone and aren’t interested in a contract, this could be a good option for you. Just remember what the word “unlimited” is referring to.

You can learn more about Amaysim’s plans over on its website.