Air New Zealand’s Latest Safety Video Is The Best Kind Of Dorky

Air New Zealand’s Latest Safety Video Is The Best Kind Of Dorky
Image: Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand have a knack for coming up with entertaining and engaging safety videos. While other airlines tend to have rather dull videos that go through the motions, Air New Zealand’s videos repeatedly entertain. How do they do it? It’s tricky.

The latest Air New Zealand safety campaign remakes RUN-DMC’s “It’s Tricky” along with “In the Neighbourhood” by Sisters Underground into a lovably dorky video titled “It’s Kiwi” that hits all the right notes.

Fully embracing the spirit of the terrible ’80s educational rap, “It’s Kiwi” manages to be what those videos couldn’t; be genuinely entertaining and fun.

Over 600 people take part in Air New Zealand’s video so far with local actor Julian Dennison and musicians Kings, Theia and Randa front and centre. From fire brigades to schools and many a dance troupe in between, “It’s Kiwi” showcases the many communities of New Zealand.

Past safety videos have featured Air New Zealand crew clad only in body paint and the cast of The Hobbit.

While the song itself may not be very Kiwi, the fun-loving attitude is and that’s what will keep your attention through the instructions of what to do in case of emergency.

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