A Series Of Unfortunate Events' Season 3 Is Coming, And They Saved The Worst For Last

Neil Patrick Harris is back as Count Olaf in the third and final season of A Series of Unfortunate Events. (Photo: Netflix)

Count Olaf is still at it — but in 2019, the unfortunate events will come to an end.

Netflix just released a cheeky little video to announce that the third, and final, season of A Series of Unfortunate Events will premiere on January 1, 2019. Check it out.

Though the video doesn’t have any new footage beyond its framing narration, a Netflix press release teases this about the third season: “After foiling [Olaf’s] many dastardly plans and disguises, the [Baudelaire orphans] might finally discover the truth about their parents’ mysterious death, while unravelling the layers of a clandestine organisation, and revealing the secrets of the coveted, missing sugar bowl.”

That’s music to the ears of Lemony Snicket fans who have been with the show since its inception.

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