4-Month-Old Chow Puppy Being Held In Police Custody Has Rightfully Been Freed

4-Month-Old Chow Puppy Being Held In Police Custody Has Rightfully Been Freed

In news that we can all truly be thankful for, a Chow Chow puppy named Bungle has been freed from police custody in the UK following a wave of support on social media calling for his release.

The Independent reported Thursday that the four-month-old puppy was seized by Northamptonshire Police last week under the United Kingdom’s Dangerous Dogs Act after the pup bit an officer on Nov. 17. According to the site, the dog had escaped and was loose on a busy street at the time of the incident.

While the officer was attempting to corral him, the dog bit twice but did not seriously injure the individual.

Bungle’s family was reportedly initially told it could be months until the pupper was released due to case loads. However, Northamptonshire Police confirmed in a press release Thursday that the dog was released to his owners after they agreed to a Voluntary Control Order that allowed Bungle to return home under unspecified conditions.

A woman who identified herself as Bungle’s dog groomer was among the many who have voiced their support for the pup in a Facebook group since he was seized. In just a few days, the group had amassed thousands of members.

As of Friday, dozens of well-wishers had shared notes of support and posted celebratory pictures of their own good dogs.

Prior to his release, a petition for his freedom had garnered more than 10,000 signatures. The doggo was even featured on the cover of the Sun earlier this week.

Northamptonshire Police Chief Superintendent Chris Hillery said he stood by the department’s actions and its decision to seize the dog.

“We understand that the actions taken on this occasion have generated significant public opinion on the proportionality of the officer’s actions,” he said. “To be absolutely clear I fully support the officers’ actions in this case, the dog was unattended in a live carriageway and was aggressive to those present resulting in the officer being bitten and receiving injuries that required hospital attention.”

Hillery added: “In no way was this decision impacted by the media reporting. Having gone through a proportionate investigation and risk assessment, the dog has been returned with appropriate conditions to manage any future risk.”

Anyway, Bungle is back with his family now, which I’d say is probably exactly where he belongs (with people he knows and trusts).