We Love This $850 Jurassic Park Jeff Goldblum Thirst Trap

We Love This $850 Jurassic Park Jeff Goldblum Thirst Trap
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How much would you pay to have sexy Jeff Goldblum from Jurassic Park in your household from now until eternity? If that number is more than $US600 ($850), you’re in luck. Chronicle Collectibles has captured the unforgettable image of Dr Ian Malcolm, banged-up, shirtless, and lounging on a table in a 1/4 scale, limited edition, polyresin figure.

Here are some photos. Bask in its Goldblum gloriousness.

Photo: All Images, Chronicle Collectibles

Photo: All Images, Chronicle Collectibles

This like a photo shoot...



Now turn back around for me...

Oh, sure, a leg shot...

Oh my god, how’s your leg?

Jeff, did you lose some weight since we shot the movie? You look particularly ripped.

Love that dino fossil base.

Fans can see the prototype on display at New York Comic Con, and preorders began yesterday at chroniclecollectibles.com. Yes, it’s $US600 ($850) — but the company has payment plans if you don’t have a bank account to rival Dr John Hammond’s. It measures 25cm tall, on a 45cm diameter base (the statue, weirdos), and with it comes a lifetime of conversation when people visit your home.

It’s estimated to ship in the fourth quarter of next year.