We Adore These Colour-Coded Pop Culture Portraits 

A crop of Red Team, one of 9 colour coded pop culture illustrations by Linda Bouderbala. (Image: Instagram)

When you think of characters like Shrek, Thanos, Pikachu, or Hellboy, what’s the first thing you think of? How brightly coloured they are, of course! So it’s almost a no-brainer for an artist to take various characters with matching colours and put them together in one work.

Which is exactly what Linda Bouderbala did. The French artist grouped together characters that shared one of nine colours, resulting in works that are not just beautiful, but incredibly fun to try and solve, if you are so inclined. Can you name all the figures in each of these?

What’s also great about these pieces is that while, yes, each is grouped by colour, the characters in each grouping are so incredibly different. There’s a nice lesson to be learned in that. Plus, they are just cool pieces of art.

You can see much more of Bouderbala’s work on her Instagram, and buy some art on her Tictail page.

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