Watch How Hard It Is To Start Cars That Were Underground For An Entire Year

Screenshot: Garage 54 ENG, YouTube

After burying three cars, and finding them to be totally ruined by the time he dug them up a year later, Vlad, host of YouTube channel Garage 54 ENG, decided to attempt to start the vehicles' engines. Watch as the intrepid wrencher tries to bring life to machines that appear decidedly hopeless.

Water in crankcases, mud in carburettors, filth under distributor caps, gunk all over spark plugs — these are some of the obstacles facing Vlad as he tries to fire up an old Toyota Corsa, Lada 1200, and Audi 100.

Just watch how Vlad and his team overcome those issues to bring two of these vehicles the sweet internal combustion they deserve:

Incredibly, Vlad gets the Lada fired up nicely, after draining the water, cleaning up the motor, replacing the carburettor mounting gasket, throwing in some new filters, and feeding that inline-four some clean petrol. The Toyota also fires up with what appears to be nothing more than some cleaning, some new oil, and some clean fuel.

The Audi's engine, on the other hand, may never produce power again, as the starter motor — which was apparently finicky before the car ever went underground — no longer works, and Vlad ripped the carburettor off the motor during the extraction.

Still, two out of three ain't bad. Now hopefully he'll try to drive one of them.

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