Trump Tweets, 'I Rarely Use A Mobile Phone,' From His iPhone

President and unindicted co-conspirator Donald Trump (Photo: Getty)

US president Trump regularly uses his iPhones to tweet and, reportedly, to make phones calls. And according to the New York Times, Chinese and Russian spies are listening, especially to his unsecured mobile phone. But President Trump would like you to know that he "rarely" uses his mobile phones. He says so in this morning's toilet tweets, sent from his iPhone.

Indeed, all 76 tweets US president Trump posted in the past week so far have been sent from the iPhone Twitter app.

The White House did not immediately respond to our request for comment.

So that's it, folks. I think this is going to be it for President Trump. This is the kind of scandal that can bring down a presidency. He has no choice but to resign in disgrace now.

We'll be over here holding our breath until that happens.

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