This Artist Designs One Fabulous Drawing For Every Movie He Watches

Hellboy, art via Design and a Movie. (Illustration: Grant Hurlbert)

A single frame from every movie you watch, in meticulous detail. That’s the mission of art blog Design and a Movie, which makes fantastic art from the simple joy of viewership.

Run by artist Grant Hurlbert, the blog features striking paper-and-ink drawings from a wide variety of movies, including a lot of fabulous genre films like The Road Warrior, Attack of the Clones, and Hellboy. The art runs the gamut from calm, quiet moments, to dynamic action shots, to scene-setting tableaus. And they’re all fabulous. Here’s some of my favourites, with permission from the artist:

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To check out more from Hurlbert, check his Design and a Movie tumblr and Instagram, or look at his personal art account here

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