The Scorpion-3 Is A Working Hoverbike You Can Preorder For $14,000

The Scorpion-3 Is A Working Hoverbike You Can Preorder For $14,000

HOVERSURF’s Scorpion-3 hoverbike, which we heard about almost two years ago, is now available for preorder. As you might expect, the carbon-fibre vehicle doesn’t come cheap — your $US10,000 ($14,100) deposit will be followed up with a $US150,000 ($211,560) price tag.

According to HOVERSURF’s purchase page, the S3 2019 is a limited edition, though it fails to mention just how limited the run will be. What it does say is that delivery will be in two-six months, though if you’re not in the US, it’ll probably take longer.

If you’d like to see it in action, check out the video below.

Thanks to its 12.3kWh, lithium-manganese-nickel battery, the S3 can reach 5m (adjustable by the pilot), with 40 minutes of flight time in “drone” mode, or 10-25 minutes if someone’s riding, and recharges in a speedy two-and-a-half hours. Total thrust is around 364kg.

All up, the bike weighs 114kg (not including pilot) and can hit speeds of almost 100km/h. Still, I’m not sure I’d speed over $200,000 on it.

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It's called the Scorpion-3, and the creators, Hoversurf, claim it is as simple to operate as riding a bike. We're talking a single-seat aircraft based on a quadcopter. It's electric powered, and was apparently designed for 'extreme conditions'.

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