The Next Star Trek: Short Trek Is Boldly Going Into A Strange Future

Technically, our next little slice of Star Trek: Discovery is going to be one of our farthest looks into the future of the entire franchise. Sort of.

CBS has just dropped a new trailer for the second of the four Short Treks mini-sodes being released on a monthly basis ahead of Star Trek: Discovery‘s sophomore season early next year. Unlike the first episode — a delightful little story revolving around Ensign Tilly — “Calypso” introduces an entirely new character to the world of Discovery: Craft, played by Aldis Hodge, a mysterious man who finds himself stranded on a seemingly abandoned USS Discovery, with only a shipboard computer for company.

But the empty Discovery isn’t what’s most intriguing about this trailer. It’s the tease of just when “Calypso” is set: 1000 years after the events of the show. That puts the story far beyond even the hyper-futuristic 31st century glimpsed in Enterprise (and liberally utilised in the non-canon Star Trek Online, even in its recent Discovery-set content update) as one of the farthest-flung stories we’ve ever seen in Trek history.

What the hell is the Discovery doing there? Who even is Craft? What is Star Trek‘s far, far future like?