The End Of The World Is Both Festive And Musical In The Latest Anna And The Apocalypse Trailer

Well, that’s one way to light up a Christmas tree. (Image: Orion Pictures)

Video: The more we see of Anna and the Apocalypse, the more we’re charmed by its heady mix of teen shenanigans, almost-annoyingly-catchy musical numbers, and the fact that it’s all that and a zombie movie. This latest trailer ticks all those boxes again, to lovely effect.

Prior trailers gave us some teases of what to expect from the film’s bizarre combination of gore, tinsel and singing, but this latest one lays out everything a bit clearer: Young Anna (Ella Hunt) finds herself navigating a humdrum school life until, in the run up to Christmas, chaos descends on the world as a viral outbreak turns people into zombies. Plus: Choreography!

There’s plenty of laughs in this trailer, such as Anna dancing her way through the end times oblivious to the horror around her, and a few more snippets of the film’s songs. Throw in a dash of the almost pre-requisite zombie-movie-as-social-commentary for good measure — #EvacSelfie, anyone? — and you have yourself a really fun looking movie.

Anna and the Apocalypse hits cinemas December 6, just in time for the festive season.

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