The Coolest Star Wars, Marvel, And DC Toys Revealed At New York Comic Con

The Coolest Star Wars, Marvel, And DC Toys Revealed At New York Comic Con

Another New York Comic Con has come and gone, and that means cool trailers, rad panels and great cosplay has come and gone with it. But we can still look forward to all the shiny new toys and collectables revealed at this year’s convention — so here’s our favourite pickings from what’s to come in the world of Star Wars, Marvel and DC toys fresh from the Javits Center.


Photo: DC Collectibles

Collectible Batman Cowls

Another day, another Bat-specific line of DC Collectibles. This time the DC is expanding its Gallery line of replicas with all new 1:2 recreations of iconic Batman masks from across the many mediums the Dark Knight has dabbled in over the years.

Costing $US90 ($126) apiece and launching in winter 2019, the collection will first kick off with a model based on Batman’s cowl in his ongoing DC Rebirth series, followed shortly by another based on the long-eared design seen in Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham video game franchise.

All Images: DC Collectibles

DC Essentials Action Figures

DC’s range of iconic interpretations of its comic book characters in the 18cm scale is getting expanded with four new figures. Ahead of Wonder Woman 1984, there’s comic book versions of Wonder Woman and Cheetah, and then Supergirl and the classic Cyborg Superman will join the line in June 2019, for $US26 ($36) apiece.

All Images: DC Collectibles

Batman Statues

Finally, DC announced some Batman and Batman-adjacent additions to its statue range, all inspired by recent comics.

Frank Cho’s red, white and black variant cover for Harley Quinn #50, inspired by an iconic Batman ‘66 moment, will get her own statue, as will a black-and-white rendition of Sean Murphy’s take on the Joker in Batman Black and White: White Knight. They’ll be joined by the Merciless, one of the evil Batmen seen in the sprawling Dark Nights: Metal event series last year.

They’re all releasing in June, with Harley and Joker costing $US80 ($112), and the Merciless costing $US85 ($119).

Star Wars

All Images: Hasbro

Black Series Action Figures

Hasbro’s 15cm-scaled Star Wars figures had a big showing at the con, kicking off with two Clone Wars-era additions to the line.

One depicts Obi-Wan Kenobi in a melding of Jedi and Clone armour like the gear he wore in the original Clone Wars animated series; it’s exclusive to Walgreens and releases next spring. That means there’s plenty of time for the gorgeous, multi-armed General Grievous that’s coming in autumn 2019 to gear up to fight him.

Speaking of exclusives, Target and Gamestop in the US will be getting one each in autumn: Target gets Luke Skywalker, in his A New Hope-era Stormtrooper disguise (post trash compacter encounter, hence the additional muck); while Gamestop appropriately gets a gaming-themed addition: The Imperial Rocket Trooper, as seen in Star Wars: Battlefront 2. No word yet regarding Australian availability.

The winter wave of 2019 has three very fun arrivals for Star Wars comic fans. After they lit up the Vintage Collection scale earlier this year as an San Diego Comic-Con exclusive, the icons of the first Darth Vader Marvel series (and stars of their own book since) — archaeologist Doctor Aphra and her homicidal droid accomplices BT and Triple Zero — will be stepping up in size to join the Black Series line.

All Images: Hasbro

The Vintage Collection Action Figures

But NYCC was really the Vintage Collection’s time to shine, with a ton of new looks at returning figures (and new recreations) coming to the revitalised 10cm line.

Autumn 2019 brings with it a host of figures presumably inspired by the gigantic, crowd-funded Jabba’s Sailbarge toy set to release in February. Saelt-Marae (AKA Yakface), Leia in her Boushh disguise, Klaatu, and the deluxe Gamorrean Guard (which will be a shared exclusively at certain fan sites) are all perfect additions to Barge, if you have the space and wallet to have backed the project.

If you were looking for something a little less themed, there’ll also be three other Vintage figures launching around the same time. In the wave there’s a Scarif trooper from Rogue One, and then two exclusives: Target in the US will get a Han Solo in Stormtrooper disguise (no word yet regarding Australian availability), while select fan websites will get a 41st Elite Corps Clone Trooper.

If all that wasn’t enough, Hasbro offered two intriguing teases for the winter wave for the Vintage Collection. First up is a normal release of the Rogue One Assault Tank driver figure currently available with actual vehicle playset, but the second is a very exciting addition… the legendary Luke Skywalker, as he appeared in his force-projected idealised self on Crait to make his last stand in The Last Jedi.


Image: Hasbro

Avengers: Infinity War Marvel Legends

We might all have moved on to wildly speculating about the title of Avengers 4, but Hasbro is still putting out some Infinity War-themed toys, namely in the form of two more members of Thanos’ Black Order, completing the quartet in the Marvel Legends line: Corvus Glaive and Ebony Maw are due to release sometime in 2019… presumably juuust in time to start hyping up Avengers 4.

All Images: Hasbro

Your Regular Ol’ Comic Book Marvel Legends

Meanwhile, back in the land of comics-based toys, Hasbro will release another round of X-Men figures in autumn. Forge was revealed as the latest addition to the wave, as was the build-a-figure bonus for collecting every figure in the wave: The mutant-sensing Morlock, Caliban.

Autumn will also see the release of another wave of Spider-Man-themed figures — after all, Spider-Man: Far From Home will be on the way! — which will add Night Thrasher to its ranks.

And then, for good measure, there’s also going to be a very cool looking Beta Ray Bill, too.

All Images: Hasbro

Marvel Legends Vehicles and Two Packs

Hasbro also revealed some plus-sized deluxe sets. Two previously revealed vehicle-based additions — Deadpool on his scooter, and Professor X in his chunky, ginormous floating hoverchair — were confirmed for autumn, as were a pair of two-pack figure sets.

One contains Kraven and the black-suited Spider-Man, and another is inspired by the absolutely terrible 2017 comic event Secret Empire, pairing Arnim Zola with the armoured up “Hydra Supreme” version of Captain America.

Image: Hasbro

Deadpool Chimichanga Surprises

Action figures weren’t the only Marvel goods Hasbro brought to New York: They also announced a new wave of… Chimichangas?

Well, specifically, Chimichanga Surprises, little collectable Deadpool-themed bling bags that come with a tiny Deadpool toy and a sticker.

Perfectly pocket sized so that kids who should absolutely not be reading Deadpool comics can totally annoy their parents at checkout lines for one, the new wave launches in spring, and includes everyone from Santa Deadpool to Lady Deadpool to Pirate Deadpool — and there’s even X-Force related variants to collect!