Australian Microsoft Store Stuffs Up Surface Studio 2 Processor [Updated]

Australian Microsoft Store Stuffs Up Surface Studio 2 Processor [Updated]

Microsoft just launched its new suite of 2018 Surface products, including the Surface Studio 2. One of things we found surprising was that it only has a 7th Gen processor. But the Australian online Microsoft store has a different story. It’s telling you that the Studio 2 has an 8th Gen.

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This article was originally published on October 3 at 12:35pm.

The incorrect spec quote over on the Australian online Microsoft store is surely an accident, but it’s a big one.

Considering that you can pre-order the device from that page, and it’s not exactly cheap, this isn’t great.

Here is a shot from the Australian Surface Studio 2 specs page:

And here is one from the US specs page, which has the correct CPU:

Australian Microsoft Store Stuffs Up Surface Studio 2 Processor [Updated]

At the time of writing the incorrect 7th gen spec was still live.

Update 15:00: Over two hours since we notified Microsoft’s agency of the mistake, and published this story, the store’s spec page is still listing the incorrect processor. We have also been told that we most likely won’t receive an official comment. We’ll let you know when the spec has been corrected.

Update 16:20: The error has now been fixed over on the Studio 2 store page – the spec sheet now correctly says that the device includes a 7th Generation i7-7820HQ processor.

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