Tesla Trademarks 'Teslaquila' For Real This Time

Earlier this year, Elon Musk tweeted a joke product for April Fools Day - a Tesla branded tequila.

We all had a good chuckle over the obvious prank. But now it looks like its happening for real. And it's still called 'Teslaquila'.

The original joke involved Musk tweeting about Tesla going bankrupt and himself being found passed out against a Model 3, surrounded by "Teslaquilla" bottles.

Now, it seems the company may be seriously getting in on the alcohol market, but with a slightly different spelling. An official patent was filed for Teslaquila with the U.S. Patent and Trademark office last week, and is identified as "Distilled agave liquor; Distilled blue agave liquor."

And because it's Musk, he also tweeted about it.

Of course, filing a patent for something doesn't mean that it will ever actually go into development. But as CNBC points out, Tesla filed it with an "intent to use" which indicates that it has a good faith intention to utilise it in the future.

Here's to hoping - I'm very curious to know what this would taste like.

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