Telstra’s Google Pixel 3 Plans And Pricing

Telstra’s Google Pixel 3 Plans And Pricing
Each key is indented to cradle your fingertips, and comfortably backlit. Photo: Angharad Yeo.

Earlier this morning the Google Pixel 3 was finally unveiled. Pre-orders are already available for release on November 1, and Telstra is the first out of the gate when it comes to its plans. Here’s what you can expect.

One cool bonus that Telstra is offering is a free Google Home Mini (RRP $79) when they pre-order or purchase the Google Pixel 3 before 25 December.

Telstra Pixel 3 64GB

Telstra Pixel 3 128GB

Telstra Pixel 3 XL 64GB

Telstra Pixel 3 XL 128GB

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