Take An Up-Close Look At Doctor Who’s Gorgeous New TARDIS Console Room

Take An Up-Close Look At Doctor Who’s Gorgeous New TARDIS Console Room

The second episode of the new season of Doctor Who finally, finally reunited the Doctor with her TARDIS, and for the first time, we got to see its latest desktop wallpaper. Now we can get really up close and admire all the little details in Doctor Who’s latest TARDIS interior.

BBC America has released a whole host of high-resolution images of the TARDIS’ latest console room design, a homely mix of organic crystalline structures (mirroring the new sonic screwdriver design), ramshackle analogue tech and fractal gears. It all sits in stark contrast to the slick and shiny stylisation of the previous console room used by Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi.

Photo: All Photos Courtesy of BBC America

The new pictures give us a great look at everything, like the new interlocking gears that form the “shell” around the console room itself, which seems deceptively larger than you’d think at first, as well as up-close looks at the centre console, filled with bits and bobs of old tech in and among the crystal it’s formed around.

And, of course, one of the most weirdly indulgent and delightful features of it all: The fact that the TARDIS fashioned a small, spinning version of its Police Box exterior to just sit on the console and look cute!

But you also get to see some tiny little details you might have missed during the initial episode — such as the roundel-esque viewscreens peeking out of the walls here and there, and, loveliest of all, a little High Gallifreyan text that circles around the platform the console is on, a callback to a similar motif that sat at the top of the Time Rotor in the previous design.

Yeah, they could do with putting a few more lights on so it isn’t quite so cinematically dark in there. But it’s a lovely piece of design, custard cream dispenser and all.

Anyone for a biscuit? (Gif: Doctor Who, BBC)

Can’t wait to see more of it in action!