Not Even Breaking The Fourth Wall Can Save Deadpool 2 From This 'Everything Wrong' Video

Even for a movie that is not only genre-aware, but regularly breaks the fourth wall, Deadpool 2 isn't without its cinematic flaws. If there's anyone you'd trust to pick them out and explain them, it's CinemaSins.

Along with the usual batch of — one might argue forgivable — inconsistencies, such as oven knobs changing position between cuts, there are the more story-centric whoppers, such as the movie's up-and-down tone, and the various problems time-travelling introduces.

Also, depending on how much you like Ryan Reynolds, there's probably a few too many gags at his expense (barring the amazing end credits scenes).

Which is fine, if it wasn't done to death the first time around:

Also, there's so many meta-Ryan Reynolds jokes in this movie that I'm about to overdose ... self-deprecating, made some terrible movies, renaissance with this character. Can we move on?

Before you ask: yes, the video is worth watching to the end for the three-minute "bonus round".


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