Netflix’s First Aussie Show Combines Crime With Sexy Magical Water People Because Why Not?

Netflix’s First Aussie Show Combines Crime With Sexy Magical Water People Because Why Not?
DARK PAST. Image: Netflix

Netflix has just dropped the teaser for its first Australian original series – Tidelands. Set against the backdrop of a beautiful but wild coastline, it could be easily be mistaken for an Aussie take on every Gillian Flynn type story – a young woman with a dark past returns to her hometown to probably solve a crime.

But there’s more to it than uncovering the seedy underbelly of a seemingly idyllic town. There are also “sexy and dangerous half-sirens.” No really, that’s what the press release said.

In this version of Not Sharp Objects, our heroine Cal McTeer (Charlotte Best) has been in juvenile detention and jail for the past ten years. I’m sure we’ll find out why at some point, and that she was innocent and/or covering for someone.

Now she has returned to the fishing village where she grew up only to find that her problems are still right where she left them.

On top of murder, the local drug ring, a myserious brother, and a situation with the hot local cop, Cal must also deal with the aforementioned half-sirens who call themselves Tidelanders. She may even be one? Who knows, there is a lot going on in the teaser trailer. Try and figure it out for yourself right here.

This seems ridiculous and feels like they tried to shove two very different stories together. And you know what, I’m here for it. I’m a sucker for these kinds of thrillers. Throw some over-the-top Ocean Girl vibes into the mix and you definitely have my attention. Even if it ends up being bad. Especially if it ends up being bad.

Either way, it’s great that Netflix is taking a leaf out of Stan’s book to invest in Australian-made shows. Hopefully this is the first of many.

You can read more about Tidelands here.