Kogan Is Now Flogging 17GB Data Plans For Under $5 A Month

Kogan Is Now Flogging 17GB Data Plans For Under $5 A Month
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It looks like Kogan has been paying attention to all the cheap SIM-only data deals that have been floating around over the past couple of weeks. It’s now offering its 17GB/30 day data plan for 85% off.

Usually $99.90, Kogan is now offering its pre-paid 90-day plan for $14.90, which works out to be $4.97 for every 30 days. The plan comes with 17GB of data per 30 days, as well as unlimited national standard calls and texts. You can also bring your own phone to this plan.

This is what the plans usually look like:

It’s worth noting that this offer is only available for new Kogan Mobile customers and runs until 11:59PM AEDST on October 24. You can find out more details here.

Also, keep in mind that this price will only last for the first 90 days of your plan. After that it will revert to the original price, so you may want to shop around again or choose one of Kogan’s cheaper plans (with less data) when the time comes.

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