Jetstar’s Doing Free Return Flights To Japan Again

Jetstar’s Doing Free Return Flights To Japan Again

Who doesn’t like return trips to Japan for under $500 a pop?

Jetstar’s running their free return flight deal to Japan once again, with tickets available to Tokyo and Osaka for a few hundred dollars, depending on your departing location.


Flights at the time of writing are available from Melbourne (Tullamarine), Sydney, Adelaide, Gold Coast and Cairns, although having taken one of these flights before you’ll most likely be flying out of Cairns for the full journey.

Flights from Cairns are the cheapest at $299, but you’ll need to add around $100 or so for checked baggage both ways. The most expensive is the Melbourne/Sydney to Osaka legs at $404 and $406 respectively, not including in-flight additions, insurance or checked baggage.

The dates currently listed on the Jetstar page include 13 May 2019 – 26 June 2019, with a small window of one or two days depending on what specific flight you’re going for.

Head here to check out all the flights while they’re still available. These tend to go fast, and all deals will end just before midnight October 7 unless sold out earlier.