Here’s Why These Characters Weren’t In Daredevil Season 3

Here’s Why These Characters Weren’t In Daredevil Season 3

We may as well get this out of the way now.

The old superhero question, for any connected universe: why didn’t he just call his friends? And Daredevil, sad, edgy boy that he is, has some solid friends, in the form of the Defenders: Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, and (ugh) Iron Fist. So, when stuff with Kingpin hit the fan, why didn’t he call for some help?

This is one of those questions that doesn’t necessarily need an answer, but someone’s definitely going to ask, so showrunner Erik Oleson told (via CBR) his thoughts on the matter anyway.

“Well, there’s a number of reasons,” he said. “There’s the story reason of that Matt feels that it is his responsibility that Fisk’s release in large part is on him for not having taken care of it the first time around, or the second time around. And so Matt Murdock is determined to right the wrongs that he himself set in motion.”

He added that, “He also, in a kind of a spiritual way, feels like God is speaking to him and is putting in front of him a raison d’etre, a reason to keep going and to keep existing after his heartbreaking life turn at the end of Defenders, where he walked out of the building, Elektra did not,” he added. “And in Episode 1 of this season, Matt essentially attempts suicide by thug. So he has spiritual and emotional reasons for why he doesn’t call in the Defenders.”

There’s also, Oleson points out, the narrative reason that, well, it’s just more interesting that way. Friendship in superhero stories is a fickle thing, indeed. It’s only there when it’s fun.