Here Are Vodafone's iPhone XR Plans

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Pre-orders for the iPhone XR kick off at 6:01pm AEDT today - and just like with the XS and XS Max - Vodafone is yet again the first telco to announce its plans.

Every iPhone XR Plan In Australia From Telstra, Optus And Vodafone

Vodafone cheekily dropped its iPhone XR plans a few hours early today - now Telstra and Optus have followed suit. The good news is that we have them right here for you.

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The cheapest plan you can get is the 64GB model on a 36-month contract for $34.13 a month + a $35 Red Plan that comes with 4GB data. A $4 loyalty discount may also be applicable for some customers, bringing the total down to $65.13 a month.

Note: If our interactive tables aren't working for you, check out Vodafone's plan over at its website.

Here are the full list of plans:

Vodafone 64GB (12mth)

Vodafone 128GB (12mth)

Vodafone 256GB (12mth)

Vodafone 64GB (24mth)

Vodafone 128GB (24mth)

Vodafone 256GB (24mth)

Sadly we don't have a shiny table for Vodafone's 36-month plans, but you can find them over at the Vodafone website. They start at $65.13 for the 64GB handset, $69.08 for the 128GB and 76.08 for the 256GB.

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