Draco Malfoy Goes To Space In The New Trailer For YouTube’s Origin

Draco Malfoy Goes To Space In The New Trailer For YouTube’s Origin

Upcoming YouTube series Origin has a very familiar premise. A group of people with diverse backgrounds decide to leave Earth to start fresh on another planet. When they’re mysteriously awakened from stasis before the long journey is complete, they realise most everyone is gone. And something is killing people.

With shades of Alien, Battlestar Galactica, Passengers, Nightflyers, you name it — Origin undoubtedly looks and feels like something we’ve seen before.

The new trailer, which debuted at New York Comic Con, doesn’t change that earlier impression. It’s a suitably thrilling piece of editing that leaves you wondering about the story but not particularly excited about actually watching the show. But hey, at least it has Tom Felton, aka Harry Potter‘s Draco Malfoy and Natalia Tena, aka Nymphadora Tonks, Here’s the new trailer.

This isn’t our first look at Origin. A teaser trailer was released at San Diego Comic-Con a few months back, but this one definitely gives us a better look at the sets, effects, and more. This show looks like it has the potential to suck you in if you gave it a chance, but even with Felton at the forefront, it hasn’t quite sunk in the hooks yet.

Origin, which is directed by Resident Evil helmer Paul W.S. Anderson, premieres on YouTube Premium on November 14.