Celebrate The 20th Anniversary Of Mulan With This Beautiful Art Show

Twenty years after the release of Disney’s animated Mulan, there’s a live-action adaptation currently filming—and a new art exhibit is celebrating the movie’s amazing story.

The exhibit is, appropriately, called “A Tribute Exhibition for Mulan’s 20th Anniversary,” and it’s happening right now at Gallery Nucleus in Alhambra, CA.

For those who canm’t make it there, we’ve got a few beautiful pieces from the show to share that represent its huge variety of mediums and styles.

Image: All Images, Gallery Nucleus

Image: All Images, Gallery Nucleus

<em>Soldiers</em> by Sara Kipin

<em>The Ballad of Mulan</em> by Jisoo Kim

<em>Mulan and Kahn</em> by Jackie Huang

<em>Rocket</em> by Tony Bancroft

<em>Mulan Anniversary Poster</em> by Tom Bancroft

<em>花木蘭 (Hua Mulan)</em> by Eastwood Wong

<em>A Woman’s Resolve</em> by Irene Koh

<em>Honour T</em><em>o Us All</em> by Liana Hee

<em>The Captain</em> by Kris Anka

<em>Honour T</em><em>o Us All</em> by Lorelay Bove

<em>Trio</em> by Caroline Hu

<em>Hua</em> by Helen Chen

To see more from the show, and maybe even buy a piece or two, head to this link. It’s on display through November 4.

And the live-action Mulan, directed by Niki Caro, is scheduled for release March, 2020.