The Best Horror Movie Cars Of All Time

The Best Horror Movie Cars Of All Time

In my many years of binge watching horror movies both quality and terrible, I’ve come to realise that there’s a pretty great connection between spooky shows and great cars. So, to celebrate this most blessed of holidays, here’s a quick little list of some of horror movie’s greatest rides (in my humble opinion, of course).

10. 1972 Ford Club Wagon in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

That’s right, my dudes. It is Van Time. I’m a real sucker for a good 70s van, and this wild ride most certainly fits the bill. I could do without the creepy dude slicing open his hand in the back, but—still cool nonetheless.

9. The Munsters’ Koach

Look me in the face and tell me you don’t love it. Tell me the Dragula is not the coolest thing on the face of the earth. You can’t, because it’s amazing. George Barris strikes again.

8. 1951 Packard Funeral Coach Henney in The Hearse

Have you guessed it? Can you tell? I am a Big Fan of hearses. What can I say? I grew up as an edgy little goth kid, and there’s something massively appealing about a haunted hearse. It’s the ideal movie material.

7. 1973 Oldsmobile Delta 88 in The Evil Dead

If you didn’t know already, this Olds was director Sam Raimi’s personal car when he was a teenager, and you can spot it in all of the films in The Evil Dead franchise. This bad boy grows more and more wild as the films go on, which has gotta be one of my favourite things.

6. 1963 Jeep Gladiator J20 in Tremors

I know I made a lot of people mad with my hot take that trucks are the devil, but I’ll admit it: the J20 is really freakin’ cool. I would not be caught dead in any pickup that is not this one.

5. 1978 Ford LTD Wagon in Halloween

I’ll admit it: I’m not the world’s biggest wagon fiend. I’ll personally stick with my much smaller hatchbacks before I go full wagon, but there’s just something about the Ford wagon in Halloween that just works.

4. 1941 Chevrolet Cab Over Engine in Jeepers Creepers

The sound of that horn gives me war flashbacks. If I saw this thing coming at me, I’d get the hell off the road and let some other poor schmuck deal with the consequences.

3. 1954 Aston Martin DB 2/4 in The Birds

What is it about Hitchcock movies and their fabulous cars? I’m sure it was just something to do with the era they were filmed, but my goodness, if this scene isn’t a great one to watch.

2. 1970 Chevy Nova in Death Proof

This car just looks intimidating. With its matte black paint and the skull-and-thunderbolt paint job, it’s the ideal vehicle for a Tarantino psycho. I remember being very impressed by the absolutely horrifying car scenes when this movie came out.

1. 1957 Ford Sedan in Psycho and Halloween H20

This is, arguably, one of the best horror movie easter eggs of all time. Here’s Janet Leigh making her H20 appearance with the same Ford she drove in Psycho. It’s a beauty of a car, too. You just don’t get the full beauty of that paint job in black and white.

BONUS: Thiokol Spryte Snowcat in The Shining

So, maybe it’s not a car. But you can’t look me in the face and tell me that that the scene with Shelly Duvall abandoning a deranged, murderous Jack Nicholson in this beast was not iconic. It was. Don’t even deny it.

[And before y’all get wild on me for not including a classic, I know: Christine is an incredible movie and the Fury is one damn beautiful car. But it is too obvious. It earns spot number eleven. Make your own lists in the comments!]