2018 Mac Mini: Australian Price, Specs And Release Date

2018 Mac Mini: Australian Price, Specs And Release Date

Guess whose back, back again?

Say hello to the new Mac Mini, which is has finally gotten a proper revamp for the first time in four years. And you know what? The specs are real nice. For a price. Here’s what you need to know.

Lets dive right in under the hood, because we all want to know how the Mac Mini has changed. In 2018 you’re going to find an 8th gen intel processor with both quad and 6-core options and up to 64GB memory and up to 2TB SSD storage.

These are some impressive options, but its important to remember that if you want the best specs here, you’re going to be paying through the nose for them. The base model Mini comes with 3.6GHz quad-core i3 processor, 8GB memory and 128GB storage and starts at $1,249. If you want the Turbo Boosted processor, it starts at $1,699.

If you’re tempted by that 6-core processor, it’s going to cost you an extra $450 before you even think about customising the RAM and storage. And let’s not forget that you still need to provide all your own peripherals, including a monitor.

I decided to boost all the specs to maximum for fun over on Apple’s website and it came in at $6,499, and that’s before I even looked at Ethernet and extras option. Ouch.

Of course, we’re not particularly surprised by any of this. Apple gonna Apple, and if you’re a fan you probably don’t mind throwing more money their way.

The new Mac Mini is available for pre-order from today and will ship on November 7. It starts at $1,249 but we know you’ll probably spend more.