World’s First 10GB RAM Smartphone Will Be From Oppo

World’s First 10GB RAM Smartphone Will Be From Oppo
Image: Oppo

It wasn’t long ago Oppo launched its 8GB Find X in Australia. That’s 8GB of RAM we’re talking about, not storage. A month later, the company appears to have one-upped itself, with online sources revealing a 10GB version is on the cards.

A listing for the Oppo Find X on the TENAA website (a certification body in China) shows not one, but two RAM sizes in the specs section: 8GB and 10GB.

Whether or not a 10GB model is ever released, or indeed, makes its way to Australia, remains to be seen. The bigger question is — do we need smartphones with 10GB right now? I mean, more RAM doesn’t hurt, but is it worth the bump in price?

You’d think the focus would still be on hard storage, seeing as people continue to find ways to fill their 128GB phones. I guess not!

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