Watch Han Solo Fly A TIE Fighter In A Deleted Scene From Solo

Video: So that’s what “having a mind of my own” meant.

With Solo: A Star Wars Story coming to digital download this week, more and more goodies from the set are being released. The best yet is courtesy of Entertainment Weekly, which has a deleted scene of Han as an Imperial pilot.

Here we see him flying a TIE, crashing it, and then being assigned to Mimban in what would have been a killer cut in the final film. Check it out.

While that final transition would have really been awesome in the movie, it’s fairly obvious why this was cut. Han’s line in the movie about being kicked out for “having a mind of his own” lets us know he became a pilot and got kicked out in half a second. This two-minute scene only reinforces that information.

Still, it’s awesome to actually see it now in this form — and, though not all deleted scenes are considered canon, you have to assume this one is.

Also of note, in the Solo novelisation this is the Tag and Bink scene, and while it isn’t totally obvious, we believe they are the officers who step back when Han gestures at the screen.