Hilariously Unsubtle Promo Video Reveals LG V40 Has 5 Cameras

Hilariously Unsubtle Promo Video Reveals LG V40 Has 5 Cameras
Image: YouTube

Samsung just released its inaugural triple lens phone, and recent Huawei Mate 20 leaks have all but confirmed a 4 camera setup. These were exciting, but LG wants everyone to hold its beer because it’s just announced five cameras on its upcoming V40 ThinQ.

This news comes a week out from the official launch of the V40, because why not? The smart phone market is basically the wild west in 2018 and I’m extremely here for it.

The V40 was already rumoured to have three rear cameras — the new teaser video not only confirms this, but flashes up the words “five” and “penta” as well as other gratuitous references s to the number 5. Including 5 lenses.


So yeah, it’s a pretty solid bet that we’re going to see two cameras on the front.

We also know that the V40 ThinQ will have the familiar Snapdragon 845 processor, as well as a 6.4-inch display. We’ll let you know all of the specs, Australian pricing and availability once it officially launches in early October.

The touching of stuff in the video also made me feel uncomfortable because I’m broken inside.

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