Twitter’s Desktop Site Is Bloated Junk, Use The Mobile Site Instead

Twitter’s Desktop Site Is Bloated Junk, Use The Mobile Site Instead
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Call me old-fashioned, but most of my Twitter interactions are done via desktop PCs, with the Twitter website serving as my primary interface. And it’s terrible. Use it for even a short period and it’ll start to chug, forcing one to close and reopen the tab (in Chrome at least) to get normal performance back. Only recently did I stumble upon a fix — the mobile site.

This article was originally published on September 23 at 14:00

A lot of the time, mobile sites have stripped-down functionality, and are designed to work across a full viewport, leaving you with something that looks like “My First Website” when loaded on desktop.

This is not the case for, which is heavenly compared to

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Not only is it extremely usable, I’d argue it’s way better than the desktop version. Having used it now for a few days, I’ve yet to see the gradual loss in performance I’d get with the regular site and in general, it’s just a slimmer, slicker experience.

You can even turn on the “Data Saver” option for an extra speed boost. It stops GIFs and images loading automatically, but you can view them with a simple click.

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I’m sure Twitter isn’t the only site where the mobile experience is better than the desktop one, so be sure to try the switch elsewhere.

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