Stunning ‘Museum Of The Moon’ Hits Australia In Time For Christmas

Right now, we’re as close to the moon as we’ll ever be, give or take 50,000km. Sure, a telescope will get you a bit closer, so to speak, but short of jumping on a space shuttle, your lunar dreams will remain just that — dreams. But, there is a compromise: an art/science exhibit called “Museum of the Moon”, which will hit Australia in December.

Created by artist Luke Jerram, Museum Of The Moon is a replica of Earth’s celestial satellite, 7m in diameter (approx. 1:500,000 scale), made from high-resolution NASA images.

According to the website, each centimetre is equivalent to 5km.

Currently touring through the UK, the exhibit will open at Scienceworks in Melbourne on December 1 and remain a fixture until April 28, 2019. If it looks a bit familiar, it paid a brief visit to the Gold Coast for the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

The list of tour dates ends with Scienceworks, so as-yet-unannounced visits to other cities aren’t out of the question. But for now, if you want to check it out, make sure you’re in or around Melbourne during the first part of 2019.

[Museum of the Moon, via BGR]