PSA: Daylight Savings Doesn’t Start This Weekend

PSA: Daylight Savings Doesn’t Start This Weekend
Image: iStock

If you were getting fired up to set your clocks forward this weekend, don’t. Daylight Savings doesn’t start this weekend.

Even though some states will be observing the Labor Day long weekend on Monday, that isn’t actually the marker of Daylight Savings beginning.

For those of us in New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania, and the ACT — we’re supposed to wind our clocks forward (or let all our devices do it for us) on the first Sunday of October. And this Sunday is the 30th.

With that in mind, this year the the first Sunday of October falls on the 7th — roughly a week later than usual, and Daylight Savings will kick off at 2am AEST on the day. That does also mean that it will finish a week later on April 7.

For everyone in Queensland, Western Australia and the Northern Territory – carry on as normal.