Oliver Queen's Butt Naked And Kicking Arse In The Latest Arrow Season 7 Trailer

Stephen Amell acting casual as Oliver Queen. (Image: CW)

Video: Showering can be dangerous no matter who and where you are (see: Soap and hard, slippery surfaces). But it’s especially precarious for vigilantes locked up in prisons full of criminals they had a part in apprehending.

We’ve known for some time that Arrow’s seventh season would focus on Oliver Queen going to prison, surviving a riot, and eventually getting out.

But in the show’s latest trailer, we see that, at some point, he’s definitely also going to have to deal with an attempted shanking in the shower. While the show could easily have decided for the fight to take place while, say, Ollie was in the process of disrobing, from the looks of it, actor Stephen Amell’s getting down to his skivvies to give that unfortunate bad guy what’s what.

Between this and Batman: Damned, it seems as though the DC powers that be are really leaning into dad bods for the spring season, but whether Oliver can hold a candle to Bruce remains to be seen until Arrow returns on October 16.

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