Old Man Aragorn, Out On One Last Hunt

King Elessar is on the hunt. (Image: Adam Middleton, Artstation)

What, you thought that after his coronation the legendary Strider himself would give up on the occasional hunt?

This amazing imagining of an elder Elessar comes courtesy of Adam Middleton, a lead concept designer at Weta Workshop based in Wellington, New Zealand.

Middleton came up with the idea for the image — described as depicting a post-Return of the King Aragorn as hunting down a renewed evil, “forcing him back into his ranger ways of old” — for an art challenge at Weta this past April, re-imagining new takes on the Lord of the Rings hero.

Image: Adam Middleton, Artstation

I’d watch a Viggo Mortensen-starring limited miniseries about this, wouldn’t you?

That isn’t the only Lord of the Rings art you can find among Middleton’s work, though — check out these two cool cross sections of the Golden Hall of Meduseld at Edoras, and Helm’s Deep, done in the style of Star Wars cross section books:

Image: Adam Middleton, Artstation
Image: Adam Middleton, Artstation

The Helm’s Deep one is actually available for sale directly through Weta, if you’d like to gawp at it on a wall instead of just digitally.

You can see much more of Middleton’s art, covering everything from Ghost in the Shell to Star Wars, over on his Artstation account.

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