More Rumours About Who Might Play The Big Villain In Birds Of Prey

More Rumours About Who Might Play The Big Villain In Birds Of Prey

The Hellboy reboot has been pushed back three months. The Monster Hunter movie has cast some unlikely stars. Arnold Schwarzenegger shares a lovely new picture from the set of the new Terminator. Plus, Legends of Tomorrow comes up with its wackiest episode title yet, and Venom goes wild in a new clip. Spoilers!

Birds of Prey

In the wake of yesterday’s casting news, Variety’s Justin Kroll reports Warner Bros. is looking to cast either Ewan McGregor or Sharlto Copley as Roman “Black Mask” Sionis, the rumoured villain of the film.


The Hellboy reboot starring David Harbour has been pushed back three months, and will now open in the US 12 April 2019. [Coming Soon]

Monster Hunter

The Hollywood Reporter says Tony Jaa, Ron Perlman and T.I. Harris have been cast in Paul W.S. Anderson’s film adaptation of Capcom’s Monster Hunter gaming franchise. Perlman will play Admiral, “the leader of the Hunter’s Crew”, while Harris is Link, “a sniper”, but Jaa will play the male lead, known only as The Hunter, like the protagonists of the monster-slaying games. Milla Jovovich was already set to start as Artemis.

Wonder Woman 1984

Pinches of salt at the ready, but SuperBroMovies alleges that Pedro Pascal’s villain is none other than a “liberal” adaptation of comic book supervillain Maxwell Lord.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix

Feel the fury of the Phoenix Force in this motion poster, released to go with that trailer drop yesterday.

Terminator 6

A new photo from Arnold Schwarzenegger recreates a classic Terminator set pic of yore, in celebration of Linda Hamilton’s birthday.


Speaking with Nightmare on Film Street, Tony Todd gave his thoughts on Jordan Peele’s proposed Candyman remake.

I didn’t realise that importance at the time, about how impactful Candyman was, particularly in the inner cities which had some of the strongest fanbase. He was that African-American representing, you know, us. So I’m honoured. If Jordan wants to do it, do it. I know I’d rather have him do it, someone with intelligence, who’s going to be thoughtful and dig into the whole racial makeup of who Candyman is and why he existed in the first place.

I know he’ll give homage and I know that if it gets made, I’ll have a plate at the table one way or the other.

Anna & the Apocalypse

/Film has the first chapter of the film’s official tie-in novelisation. Check out our review here.


A new clip sees Venom beat up an entire SWAT team with one of its own members. Keep an ear out for a particularly blunt-force usage of the (in)famous Wilhelm scream!

Halloween: The Series

In a new interview with Bloody Disgusting, producer Malek Akkad revealed he’s “looking very closely” at a Halloween TV series, stating “it wouldn’t look anything like your traditional Halloween movie”.

When we started doing it… this was in development about a decade ago. At the time, I think the thought was we don’t want to cannibalise the theatrical. Let’s keep it as a theatrical event movie. If that starts flowing down, we would address TV. Nowadays, we all know, TV is pulling out ahead of theatrical in a way that surprised everybody, certainly me.

The one we were developing and that I still feel very strongly about, he’s involved in it. That’s really all I can say about it now. It wouldn’t look anything like your traditional Halloween movie, but he’s in there as are a lot of other characters but used in different and interesting ways.

50 States of Fear

Deadline reports Sam Raimi will helm a brand new horror anthology series for NewTV titled 50 States of Fear. Regrettably, no story details are available at present.

Doctor Who

Speaking at the press launch for “The Woman Who Fell To Earth”, incoming showrunner Chris Chibnall stated season 11 “demonstrates everything that you’ve come to love about Doctor Who”:

There’s fun, there’s monsters, there’s action-adventure, there are characters and there’s an amazing new Doctor.

[Den of Geek]


Entertainment Weekly has our first look at Mark Hamill as Talus, a “battle-hardened Knight Templar veteran of the Crusades, who survived captivity for ten years in the Holy Land and is tasked with training the new initiates to the Order”.

The Boys

A new poster from Amazon recreates the cover of issue one.

The Gifted

Something terrible has happened to Wire in the synopsis for season two’s fourth episode, “outMatched”.

The Struckers, minus Andy, begin to rebuild their broken trust, while Thunderbird, Blink and Eclipse visit Wire, hoping to convince him to help again. But when they get there, they learn that something terrible has happened from Wire’s brother, Graph (guest star Adam David Thompson). The team discovers that the Inner Circle is on the way to raid a mutant detention facility, so they make moves to try to intercept them. Meanwhile, Jace is contacted by a member of the Purifiers.

[Spoiler TV]

American Horror Story: Apocalypse

Episodes six and seven of the season are titled, “Return to Murder House” and “Traitor”, respectively. [Spoiler TV]

Legends of Tomorrow

Coming Soon has images from the season four premiere, “The Virgin Gary”. More at the link.

Meanwhile, writer Keto Shimizu revealed episode eight is spectacularly titled “Legends of To-Meow-Meow”:

Black Lightning

Finally, Damon Gupton discusses Henderson’s promotion in season two.

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