Matt Murdock Embraces The Devil Within In The First Teaser For Daredevil's Third Season

You’ve got some red on you, DD. (Image: Netflix)

Video: Matty’s back from the grave, and so is a very familiar costume.

If you’ve already made it through the second season of Iron Fist, you’ll know Netflix secreted away a new teaser for Daredevil’s return at the very end of the final episode’s credits. But if you don’t want to sit through any amount of Iron Fist (it’s... fine!), the streaming service has now made the teaser available online.

Guess what? Surviving certain death at the end of The Defenders has not lessened either Matthew Murdock’s love of melodrama, or his love of confessionals! But it seems as though that escape has had Matt examining his role as Daredevil, and returning to some brutal-sounding roots alongside his original black (and blood-stained) costume from the first season instead of his “hero” suit.

Here’s the Bible verse mentioned by the official Twitter account, for reference:

He reveals the deep things of darkness,

and brings utter darkness into the light.

So... very thematically appropriate. Daredevil returns for round three on Netflix later this year.

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