Leaked Razer Phone 2 Shot Reveals An ‘Almost Identical’ Design

Leaked Razer Phone 2 Shot Reveals An ‘Almost Identical’ Design
Image: Evan Blass / Twitter

Razer’s first phone didn’t exactly set the world on fire, but it was nice to see an attempt at a “gaming” phone in an era where you can play the likes of Fortnite on a handheld device. Well, it must have done alright, as Razer appears to have a follow-up in the works.

Serial gadget leaker Evan Blass revealed the above image on Twitter yesterday, showing what looks like a slightly modified version of the original Razer Phone, with Blass himself stating it will be “almost identical … from a design perspective”.

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No idea what sort of specs it’ll have, but at the very least, it should come with faster internals. It will most likely keep the 120Hz display — probably the device’s biggest talking point — but fingers crossed we get a better fingerprint reader and camera.

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