JB Hi-Fi Now Has SIM-Only Mobile Plans (That Come With Store Discounts)

Image: Gizmodo Australia

JB Hi-Fi has become the latest retailer to offer SIM-only mobile plans to Australians. In addition to offering a significant chunk of data, they come with some interesting bonuses.

So far only two plans have been confirmed, both of which run on the Telstra network. I couldn't find anything on the JB Hi-Fi website about them, so I popped into a local store to confirm the details.

  • $49 12-month 25GB plan - comes with unlimited standard talk and text within Australia. Note: some reports have stated that this plan is $45, but they quoted me $49 in-store
  • $65 24-month 45GB - comes with unlimited standard talk and text within Australia

The reason you won't find these (or other phone plans) on the online store is due to the need for ID checks when signing up for plans.

The $45 plan comes with a $200 gift card, and the $65GB plan comes with the choice of $300 off any phone under $999 and $500 off any phone over $999. Considering the new slew of new phones that are coming in the next couple of months, not to mention the iPhone XS release, this isn't a bad deal if you're looking to buy outright and want to be connected to a reliable network.

That being said, if you already have your own handset, there are better SIM-only deals already available in Australia for cheaper price points. However, both plans come with more data than similar plans that Telstra is selling directly.

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