If You’re A Fan Of The Original Halloween, Here’s Some Awesome Stuff Coming Up

And we aren’t even counting the new movie!

Yes, the 1978 John Carpenter Halloween is getting a reboot/sequel on October 25, but fans of the original film will have a couple of other ways they can celebrate the 40th anniversary of Michael Myers in the coming weeks.

First, if you’re a big enough fan to travel, there’s a 40th anniversary Halloween convention coming to Pasadena, California from October 12-14. There will be a location tour, vendors, screenings and Q&As. You can find all the information at this link.

But if you’d rather let the Halloween memorabilia come to you, Bottleneck Gallery is releasing, for the first time, limited edition screenprints of Bob Gleason’s legendary poster for the original film.

Sure, you can own the image as a flimsy lithograph any day of the week, but Gleason and the gallery worked together to recreate the image as a finely crafted screenprint. You can buy it not just as the regular poster, but also on foil or as an art print, if you prefer it without titles. Check out the different images below, along with the edition sizes and costs.

Halloween by Bob Gleason, Screen print, 61 x 91cm, Signed and hand-numbered edition of 375, $US150 ($211) (Image: Bottleneck Gallery)
Halloween art print by Bob Gleason, Screen print, 46 x 61cm, Signed and hand-numbered edition of 200, $US100 ($141) (Image: Bottleneck Gallery)
Halloween foil variant by Bob Gleason, Screen print on foil paper, 61 x 91cm, Signed and hand-numbered edition of 175, $US200 ($282) (Image: Bottleneck Gallery)

Those posters all go on sale at 2:00AM AEST on Friday, September 14. Read more at this link.

And then, yes, we still have that new Halloween movie to look forward to, which opens October 25. You should be well prepared for that, if you partake in any of the above shenanigans.