I Finally Figured Out Why I Didn’t Like Infinity War

I Finally Figured Out Why I Didn’t Like Infinity War
Image: Marvel

Video: Watching Avengers: Infinity War, I didn’t feel like I had before, during or after any Marvel film to date. Obviously, this was always going to be a tragic film. I’ve read the comics, I know the deal here. What I didn’t expect was just how traumatic it would be to sit through.

It’s been sometime now, but I’ve not been able to quite put my finger on why I found such a stunningly crafted, beautifully made film within a universe I adore so difficult to enjoy. It’s the only Marvel film I’ve watched just the once, and have no desire to revisit. It took this video from Mikey Neumann to really capture it. This. This is why.

Watch the whole thing before you yell at me on Twitter, thnx.

Avengers: Infinity War (2018) is not only the culmination of 18 movies, and a decade’s worth of build-up, it also turned out to be one of the most talked about films of the last decade. Not all of it good.

While Infinity War has a lot of good moments with character’s we’ve grown to love, there is also endless debate over the MCU’s treatment of the film’s protagonist, Thanos, and the arguable logic behind his goals. It left some audience members confused, hurt, and disappointed. Mikey explores why so many people had good reasons to feel this way.