Fibre ’20 Times Faster Than The NBN’ Is Coming To Sydney

Fibre ’20 Times Faster Than The NBN’ Is Coming To Sydney
Image: NBN

Good news for anyone wholly fed up with waiting for the NBN, or having the NBN and still experiencing terrible connection speeds. Another company is stepping in to offer their own super-fast wireless network, one that’s not wholly broken from being tossed around in an endless game of political football. There’s a catch, though: you might have to move if you want to get connected.

Only last week we talked about the new company Uniti Wireless, which is providing 100Mbps connections to customers in Adelaide and Melbourne with so-called ‘fibre through the air’ wireless technology.

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Now, Fiber Corp is bringing high speed fibre to locations in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne, though at the moment their infrastructure is only being installed in new developments. If you’re looking to buy an apartment off the plan, you might just get one with super-fast internet – with speeds anywhere from 10 to 100 times faster than the NBN can currently manage.

The largest of these projects is a planned community in Marsden Park by developer Kanebridge, where $5.3 million is being invested into a high speed fibre network. When built, the connection will be capable of up to 2GB/s, which is 20 times faster than the fastest plan on the NBN.

Beyond that, however – and this is the important part – the system is being built with the future in mind, with part of the investment going toward building base infrastructure that will be able to support internet speeds of up to 10GB/s in the future. If only someone had asked these guys to plan the NBN.

It seems as though Fiber Corp’s projects are all still under construction, so it’s not a solution for those who are fed up with waiting for the NBN to arrive in their suburb, but for those who want a home with a future-proof connection, it might be worth looking into. You can see all the developments served by Fiber Corp in this database.

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