These 2018 Phones Still Have Headphone Jacks

These 2018 Phones Still Have Headphone Jacks
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If there’s one smartphone trend I detest, its the increasing lack of headphone jacks — especially on flagship models. Perhaps its because I fear change. Or because relying on wireless headphones sucks. Either way, I’m not into it, and I know a lot of you aren’t either.

So I thought I’d do you all a solid and list of all the phones that came out in Australia this year that still sport the beloved headphone jack. You’re welcome.

If I missed any, let me know! As an FYI, I haven’t included telco branded phones from Telstra etc, as they are re-skins of other phones.


  • Alcatel 1C
  • Alcatel 1
  • Alcatel 1X
  • Alcatel 3V
  • Alcatel 5


  • Huawei Nova 3i


  • LG ThinQ

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  • Moto G6 Pro
  • Moto G6 Play
  • Moto G6
  • Moto E5


  • Nokia 7 Plus
  • Nokia 6.1
  • Nokia 3.1
  • Nokia 1
  • Nokia 8110

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  • Oppo R15 Pro
  • Oppo R15
  • Oppo A73
  • Oppo AX5
  • Oppo A3s


  • Samsung Galaxy Note 9
  • Samsung Galaxy S9
  • Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus


  • Sony Xperia XA2

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