Don’t Expect New Surface Devices At Microsoft’s October 2 Event [Updated]

Don’t Expect New Surface Devices At Microsoft’s October 2 Event [Updated]
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Because we apparently didn’t have enough launches happening next month, Microsoft has decided to hold its next big event on October 2. And while Microsoft has its lips sealed on what its announcing, there’s not much get excited about from the Surface series.

Microsoft could have something huge up its sleeve that its managed to keep completely under wraps. I really hope that’s true. But sadly, all signs are pointing more towards software announcements this year.

Part of this may be because we already had a surprise Surface release a few months with iPad-threatening Surface Go. Consequently, we’re not expecting to hear much more about it in October. However, Microsoft did say that an LTE version would be available sometime in 2018, so we may just see that mentioned.

When it comes to the next Surface Pro, we know that there is definitely one in the works and that it will apparently be a complete redesign on the current generation. Codenamed ‘Carmel’ it sounds really exciting — but as much as we would love to see it, reports from ZDNet earlier in the year suggest that it isn’t likely to appear until 2019.

Rumour has it that if anything, we’re likely to see some small upgrades for the current generations of Surface Pro, Surface Laptop, and Surface Book devices in the form of 8th Gen Intel processors. And in the case of the Pro, possibly USB-C ports too.

Thurrott has also theorised that Microsoft will announce a Black version of the Surface Laptop at the event.

There is also a theory that a new Surface Pen that include a retractable tip may be announced. This news came from a Microsoft patent and not much else has been said about it. We’re thinking it’s unlikely, but you never know!

So with all of this hardware being unlikely to crop up until a later date, what are we likely to see on October 2, then?

Our guess is software, starting with the Windows 10 October 2018 Update. Some of the features we know it will have include the Your Phone app (which will allow cross platform support with your Android or iOS smartphone), as well as a dark mode for File Explorer, an update for Notepad, a new screenshot tool (RIP Snipping Tool) and Cloud Clipboard.

Update October 2: In an interesting move, Microsoft Office 2019 was announced last week ahead of the event. We have also discovered that the event won’t be officially live streamed. I don’t know about you, but if they had anything super exciting to show us, I’d think they would want us to see it live.

As for other rumours, the invitation for the event used the phrase “a moment of your time” which has led some to believe that perhaps a Surface Watch will be revealed. It’s doubtful, though.

I’m personally gunning for Microsoft to surprise us all and drop the Surface Andromeda just to mess with Samsung and Huawei when it comes to the foldable phone race. But that is extremely unlikely.

ZDNet also expects Outlook, OneNote and Cortana to get some stage time. There has also been whispers about some more information on Office 2019, as well as Xbox One devices becoming compatible with Cortana and Alexa voice control.