Amaysim Now Has ‘Unlimited’ Plans With Double Data

Amaysim Now Has ‘Unlimited’ Plans With Double Data
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From today you’ll be able to get three new ‘Unlimited’ SIM-only data plans with Amaysim — somne of which are offering double the amount of data for the same price as some of its old plans. This includes a 40GB offering which the telco is calling, “The best valued unlimited talk and text mobile plan Australia has ever seen.”

The new plans include:

  • $50 unlimited plan with 40GB data
  • $40 unlimited plan with 20GB data
  • $30 unlimited plan with 10GB data

Comparatively, Amaysim’s former $30 plan cam with only 5Gb of data, and the $50 plan came with 20GB. Suffice to say, this is a huge upgrade.

Here is what Amaysim’s entire ‘Unlimited’ plan suite looks like now:

Of course, the word ‘unlimited’ is not in reference to the data, but local calls and texts as well as international calls and texts to some countries on the higher plans.

When looking at similar plans to Amaysim’s 40GB offering, it is definitely the best priced in Australia for SIM-only plans with that amount of data. As you can see below, plans with lower price points have 10GB less data: