Why You're All Wrong And Blade Runner 2049 Was Brilliant, Dammit

Image: Blade Runner

Video: How do you feel about sequels in general? At best, they can build pon a world you have already come to know and love. At worst, well, ask Twitter and you'll get enough stories of destroyed childhoods to make you log out of your account forever.

Here, Mikey Neumann explores Blade Runner 2049. Enjoy.

Blade Runner 2049 is a rare kind of sequel that is both brilliant on its own, while improving upon the original film.

Too often sequels are little more than weaponized nostalgia. However, Director, Denis Villeneuve, and (cool as hell) DP, Roger Deakins, bring their A++ game to Blade Runner 2049, engendering greater depth to the original Blade Runner (1982), while creating a meaningful follow-up - 35 years later - that raises the bar for both movies.

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