Village Has $15 Movie Tickets Now

Village Has $15 Movie Tickets Now

If you’re a Villiage Cinemas Vrewards member, you can score $15 movie tickets. That’s for any session, any time, all day, every day – fancy pants gold class excluded, of course.

So we’re talking up to a $7 saving per ticket – all day, every day. And if you do want to splash out on Gold Class, you’ll save $10 a ticket there, too – as long as you go Monday to Friday before 5 pm.

The membership itself is based on a points system – for every $1 spent, Vrewards members earn 10 points to be used towards tickets, candy bar items and Gold Class packages. Rewards start at 500 points – which gets you a free popcorn.

All the details are here.

Village Roadshow CEO Graham Burke's Latest Piracy Letter To The Government Is A Bizarre Trainwreck And I Can't Look Away

On March 15, Village Roadshow's CEO, Graham Burke, penned a letter to the Department of Communications and the Arts, appealing for a review of the Copyright Online Infringement Amendment.</p> <p>What that letter contains is an eye-opening range of claims - of Australia ending up "as bleak as a remote Bejing suburb", linking piracy with "drug selling" and "luring kids" into "criminal neighbourhoods that proliferate with prostitution" and insisting "wondrous Australian films are often more important than people we meet in shaping our world". </p> <p>I couldn't make this up if I tried. </p> <p>Read it in its glorious entirety here.

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